Three Things That You'Ll Need To Do After Getting Calf Implants

Posted on: 21 September 2018

Calf implants are a type of cosmetic surgery that can be attractive to many men. Men who are conscientious about how they look may love the idea of having chiseled calves, but doing so may be a challenge for people with different physiques. One appealing shortcut to the calves that you want is to opt for this form of cosmetic surgery, which features having a soft implant placed beneath the skin over each of your calves. By the time the surgery is done, you'll have the calf look that you desire — and that didn't require thousands upon thousands of calf raises to achieve. To ensure that you get the most benefits out of calf implant surgery, here are three things that you'll need to do.

Build Your Quads

Calf implants give you strong-looking calves, but you don't want them to cause your lower body to look out of proportion. Men with strong calves also have strong quadriceps muscles, so you'll need to focus on building these muscles after you fully recover from the surgery. Large and strong quads will give your legs the appearance that looks right. There are many exercises that can be effective for targeting your quads. Cardiovascular exercises are important, but strength training is also necessary. Use squats and lunges, in particular, to build your quads so that they complement your calves.

Keep Your Body Fat Low

After you've had calf implant surgery, the last thing you want is to gain fat to the degree that it minimizes the visual impact of your new calves. In order for your calves to be chiseled and visible, you can't have a large concentration of fat in this area. While you can't specifically target your leg fat, you want to ensure that you're not consuming more calories than you're burning over the course of the week. This will keep your body in a caloric balance that prevents you from gaining fat that could threaten to hide your calves.

Consider Shaving Your Legs

Most men don't shave their legs, but many men with chiseled physiques do. The big benefit of removing hair over muscular areas is that the muscles show more. This is why those who have "six-pack" abs will often remove the hair in this area. If you've made a significant financial and time investment in getting calf implants, you might think about shaving your legs. Upon doing so, you'll notice that your calves appear more defined, which can boost your satisfaction about going through this form of plastic surgery.