Arthritic Shoulder? 4 Reasons To Consider A Joint Replacement

Posted on: 16 January 2017

Several types of arthritis can affect the shoulder causing considerable pain and loss of function. Eventually, you may reach a point when you need to make the decision to have your shoulder replaced instead of continuing with temporary treatments. There are several situations when a replacement is the better strategy. Reliance On Steroid Injections Steroid injections may be used to provide relief from arthritis in a single joint. Injectable steroids are usually limited to three or four times per year in a single joint because there are long-term risks of bone necrosis and other complications.
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Seizure Dogs For Children: Benefits And Challenges

Posted on: 9 December 2016

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes seizures and can be debilitating for those individuals who suffer from it. It is especially heartbreaking when the person is a child. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 0.6% of children aged 0-17 years have active epilepsy, which means they are taking medications to control seizures or have had a seizure within the past year. Although epilepsy can place a heavy burden on a child's quality of life as well as that of his or her family and friends, new ways of controlling and coping with the disease are continually being developed.
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Understanding Radiation Therapy Types

Posted on: 18 November 2016

If you learn that you need radiation therapy as part of your cancer treatment, you'll also soon discover that not all radiation therapy treatments are the same. There are many different types of treatment, and your treatment plan could utilize one or a combination of many different kinds in order to be most effective. Here are the most common types of therapy and how they might be used. External Beam Radiation
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Sewing Without Pain: Preventing And Treating Carpal Tunnel

Posted on: 20 October 2016

If you're an avid sewer, you should know that carpal tunnel syndrome is common in people who spend a lot of time at the sewing machine or using a hand needle. It's delicate, repetitive work that can exacerbate compression of the median nerve in your wrist. You'll find it increasingly difficult to sew without pain unless you take active measures to prevent and treat carpal tunnel while it is still a minor issue.
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