How To Get Rid Of A Stubborn Wart On Your Finger

Posted on: 2 March 2016

Having a wart on your finger can not only be embarrassing, but warts on your hands can also be hard to get rid of. Warts that grow near or under your fingernails are typically called subungual or periungual warts, and the best way to get rid of one is by visiting a dermatologist. Here are the steps he or she may use and suggest to help you finally get rid of this wart.

Liquid Nitrogen

While there are several methods doctors may use to remove warts, a common method involves liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a substance that is extremely cold. When it is applied to a skin growth, such as a wart, it has the ability to make the growth dry out and fall off. Unfortunately, applying liquid nitrogen to a wart typically will not kill the wart in just one shot. Warts can be deeply rooted in the skin, and it can take multiple treatments to get rid of them.

Because of this, your dermatologist may apply the liquid nitrogen to your wart during your first visit, but you might be instructed to return anywhere from one to three weeks from this date. At that appointment, the doctor will apply the liquid nitrogen again. You may need to do this four times to get rid of the wart completely, but you may also have to take additional steps at home to get rid of the wart.

File The Wart

After you receive your first treatment of liquid nitrogen, your doctor may suggest using a nail file to file the wart. A pumice stone also works well for this. This is typically recommended when the wart is large in size and is protruding. The best time to file a wart is after you bathe. When you get out of the shower or bath, your skin will be softer. This will help you remove more of the dead parts of the wart when you file it.

When performing this step, it is important not to use the nail file for anything else. After using it for a wart, it can become contaminated. If you use it to file your nails, you might actually spread the contamination to your nails, and this could cause you to develop another wart.

Apply Ointment

In addition to filing the wart and going for liquid nitrogen treatments, your dermatologist might also recommend using some type of ointment on the wart daily. There are several different types you can purchase from a pharmacy that are designed to kill warts, but these medications can be potent. They may burn a lot when you use them, and you will have to use them each day after you file the wart.

If you prefer to avoid harsh chemicals on your skin, you could use a product that is natural. One of the best natural products you can use for getting rid of warts is tea tree oil. To use this, apply one drop of straight oil onto the wart. This may cause slight burning, but that is completely normal. Repeat this process each day until your doctor tells you to stop.

Tea tree oil has the ability to kill fungus and bacteria, and it is especially effective for killing warts if you use it each day.

It's hard to say how long it will take to get rid of a wart, because some can be very large and stubborn, but you can get rid of one in time if you follow these steps. If you are ready to learn more about getting rid of the wart you have, contact a dermatologist today at a clinic like Advanced Dermatology Care.