• 3 Ways Females Can Achieve A Beautiful Magazine Cover Smile

    Between grocery lane checkouts, waiting rooms, and your own mailbox, it's often to hard to avoid the shimmering white smiles featured on so many magazine covers. Whether it's a female celebrity or model, the smiles look straight, vividly bright, and extremely healthy. While some graphic editing may be involved, there are ways that you can duplicate these smiles in real life. There are three different dental services that you can get treated for.
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  • Down Syndrome And Tongue Thrust: 4 Things Parents Need To Know

    Tongue thrust is an oral health disorder characterized by abnormal movement and positioning of the tongue. This disorder is very common among children with Down syndrome—most suffer from it—and parents need to be aware of the problem. Here are four things parents need to know about Down syndrome and tongue thrust. What are the signs of tongue thrust? Tongue thrust is very easy to identify. If your child has tongue thrust, you'll notice that their tongue protrudes from their mouth while they're speaking, eating or even while they're at rest.
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  • Does Cosmetic Dentistry Ruin Your Embouchure?

    When it comes to playing a wind instrument, you have to hone various skills: your breathing, posture, rhythm, and embouchure. Both amateurs and professionals need to be cautious about what dental procedures they have done. Even minor alterations affect your embouchure. At the same time, however, if you aren't comfortable with the way your teeth look or you damage them in an accident, you should address cosmetic dentistry options. So how do you get the dental treatment you need without ruining your career?
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