3 Ways Females Can Achieve A Beautiful Magazine Cover Smile

Posted on: 5 April 2016

Between grocery lane checkouts, waiting rooms, and your own mailbox, it's often to hard to avoid the shimmering white smiles featured on so many magazine covers. Whether it's a female celebrity or model, the smiles look straight, vividly bright, and extremely healthy. While some graphic editing may be involved, there are ways that you can duplicate these smiles in real life. There are three different dental services that you can get treated for. These services are available on their own, but by mixing all of them together, you can have a picture-perfect smile that you feel confident in and replicates the magazine covers that you often see.

Dental Implants

A common theme found across many magazine cover smiles is a perfect set of teeth that are straight and even. If you have gaps in your smile or are missing any teeth, then dental implants can help correct them and give you the smile that you seek. A dental implant replaces your tooth with a permanent implant installation that fuses to your jawbone. A tooth crown is then placed over the implant and designed to match your ideal tooth.

The dental implant process takes many steps. First, a dentist will examine your mouth and determine how many implants are needed to change your style. Often times, multiple implants can be installed at once to completely transform your mouth. Using advanced digital scanners, a dentist will take images of your mouth and plan out the new implants and tooth designs that will be placed. The tooth can match the color of your current teeth so that it blends naturally and looks like a real tooth. After the implant is placed, your recovery time could be anywhere from a week to multiple months. Once healed, the implant will feel like a natural extension of your smile.

Laser Gum Treatment

One of the biggest impacts on your smile and the health of your teeth is the health of your gums. Gum diseases like gingivitis can impact the way your smile looks and lead to bigger problems like bleeding gums or blood loss. For women, gum problems can increase during their adult life. This includes times when using contraceptives or throughout a pregnancy. Keep your teeth and gums healthy by making an appointment with a dentist that offers laser gum treatment. This type of treatment can clean your gums and eliminate bacteria found underneath them. This will help keep your mouth healthy and reverse any effects of gum disease. After treatments, gum swelling and adverse effects of gingivitis will start to go away, making your smile look more like the ones you see on magazine covers.

Laser gum treatment is an ideal alternative compared to another treatment like root planing. Root planing can actually remove large sections of your gum and leave gaps in the upper part of your teeth. By choosing the laser gum treatment, you will keep the majority of your gums and allow your smile to look healthy and similar to magazine covers.

Professional Tooth Whitening

When looking at magazine covers, it's easy to notice how white the teeth look in celebrity and model smiles. With some professional treatment, you can eliminate stains and brighten your smile. As you book a whitening appointment, there are multiple options for your tooth whitening procedure. At an in-office whitening appointment, a dentist can use either laser or gel trays to whiten your teeth. Dentists have the approval to use stronger whitening agents than retail kits, so you can achieve a whiter smile in a shorter amount of time.

Dentists can also offer you a take-home kit that you use on your own time. A special tooth tray is made in the form of your mouth and you are given a whitening gel to place inside. By following the directions, you can complete the whitening process and go multiple shades brighter with just a single treatment. By performing the whitening on your own, you can easily do the process before the big date, job interview, or to help match with different lipsticks and make-up kits.

Along with all of these special treatments, regular dental care can help keep your magazine cover smile. Ask a dentist, such as Joe Rosenberg, DDS, for tips on brushing, flossing, and the best times to book cleaning appointments.