4 Reasons To Start Your Child's ADHD Counseling During Summer Vacation

Posted on: 4 April 2016

As school ends and activities dwindle down, a child's summer vacation usually has a pretty clear schedule. With the extra time available, you can sign up a child with ADHD for counseling. Starting in the summer comes with multiple benefits that will allow your child to thrive and have the best results possible. Read through four advantages of starting children's ADHD counseling in the summer and see how it can help your child.

Summer Routines

For children with ADHD, having a set routine is important for staying focused and on-task. The elimination of a daily school schedule in the summer can create a loss of control for the child. Weekly counseling appointments can give the child something to look forward to, and the appointment will be a part of their new schedule. Along with each appointment, a counselor can help set up a daily routine for the summer. This includes chores, activities, or worksheets given by the counselor. Setting up this routine can help a child manage their symptoms and give you more control over hyperactive or impulsive decisions.

Summer Boredom

Children with ADHD are prone to negative behaviors like yelling or being over-physical. Summer boredom can influence a variety of ADHD symptoms. Children that are tired, bored, and hungry may be more prone to disobedience. During the summer, all of the extra hours without school can easily lead to these problems. By booking counseling sessions, you can eliminate the boredom and then work with a counselor on ways to reduce it on a regular basis. For example, a counselor may set up different ways your child can earn money during the summer vacation. The counselor can also work on expanding different hobbies or crafts that start in the office and then are worked on at home. By setting goals with a counselor, a child can eliminate boredom in the summer and truly have fun doing things they enjoy.

Play Therapy Options

The summer is great time to enroll your child into a play therapy group. Children with ADHD may have trouble playing with other children, respecting personal boundaries, and following specific rules of the playground. During the summer, a play therapy group has the option of playing outside and expanding the types of therapy available. During a session, a counselor can work with your child on respecting personal space, following rules, and communicating effectively with other children.

Instead of acting impulsively, a child will be taught to understand different scenarios and the best choices to make. Over time, your child can use these skills when enjoying summer activities like playing with neighborhood kids or attending a summer camp. When choosing a play therapy option, you may sign your child up with other children or work directly one-on-one with the counselor.

School Year Preparation

As a new school year approaches, a counselor can spend the weeks leading up to the first day of class for your child's preparation. By working with your child on specific school-related behaviors, they can be fully prepared to make a good impressive when school starts. A counselor can work with ADHD patients on a variety of topics.

One example is sitting still. A counselor can help a child cope with the ability to sit still and ways to resist the urge to get up or cause distractions in the classroom. Additional things that a counselor can work on are respecting other students, handwriting skills, and putting in the best effort and focus through the school day. By making a list of biggest concerns for the upcoming school year, a counselor can work on each item and communicate successfully with your child. Starting early in the summer is a great way to spread things out and reinforce them over multiple weeks.

It's important to start looking for a counselor during the spring. This can ensure that you book the first appointment and that there are available appointments with the counselor of your choice. Click here for info on children's counseling.