4 Tips To Make Your Baby's Visits To The Pediatrician Easy

Posted on: 4 April 2016

Babies visit the pediatrician several times during their first year of life. By the time they're one year old, most children have 6 well visits (at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 months of age), and this doesn't include sick-patient visits. For parents, these visits can cause stress, as children aren't always happy about or cooperative during these visits. If you're worried about how your baby's pediatrician appointments will go, here are four tips to help them go well.

Schedule Appointments After Naps

Most babies under one year old still take regular naps. Assuming yours does, schedule your baby's appointments so that they're right after naps. This will ensure your child is rested and not cranky.

If a meal typically follows a nap, bring a bottle to give your baby, or plan on nursing in the waiting room before you're called back for the appointment. Even if the feeding carries over into the appointment, most pediatricians don't mind talking to patients while they're giving a bottle or nursing.

If your baby doesn't have a reliable nap routine, look for a pediatrician who offers early morning appointments. Hopefully, you can schedule an appointment for first thing in the morning, before your child is ready for their first nap of the day.

Bring a Toy with You

Even if you usually don't bring toys in the car, you might want to take one to the pediatrician's office. Bringing a favorite toy with you has two benefits.

First, most pediatricians have toys at their offices, but these aren't the toys that your child knows and loves. When your baby is stressed, their favorite toy might be a calming distraction.

Second, even though your pediatrician isn't an opthalmologist or optometrist, they may check your child's eyesight during the appointment. Having a toy your child likes can make this part of the appointment easier.

As BabyCenter explains, doctors check babies' vision by having them track something. Usually, physicians use little toys that they keep in their office, but your child might not be interested in a toy they're unfamiliar with. If your baby isn't interested in looking at toys the pediatrician has, your doctor may be able to use your child's favorite, more captivating toy.

Hold Your Baby

For a young infant, few places are as foreign as the bright, sterile room of a pediatrician's office -- and no place is as comforting to a baby as their parent's arms. Your child may want to be held by you throughout the appointment.

Whenever possible, hold your baby during the appointment. There will be times that your pediatrician has to take your baby out of your arms. For instance, they may need to lay them out on a table to measure their length. Anytime your baby doesn't have to be away from you, cuddle them. They'll feel comforted and reassured.

Dress Your Child in Easy-to-Remove Clothing

Your pediatrician will need to undress your baby at least one during the visit, in order to do things like check their hip movement and listen to their lungs. To make disrobing as simple as possible, dress your child in clothes that are easy to take on and off. For girls, a dress that slips over the head is a great choice. For both girls and boys, you might want to bring them in pajamas that simply zip on and off with a single zipper.

If your child's pediatrician appointments are a source of concern and worry for you, don't let your emotions cause too much stress. By following these four strategies, you can ensure that the appointment goes well. Your child will be able to get the medical care they need, and you two might even have fun at the appointment. For more tips, talk to the staff at a local clinic like Entira Family Clinics.