5 Reasons To Train At A Private Gym If You Want To Become A Personal Trainer

Posted on: 8 April 2016

If you're dreaming of making a living helping others get fit, but you're still more of a couch potato yourself at the current moment, you've got a lot of training to do, both physically and mentally. The journey to becoming a personal trainer starts with becoming fit and healthy yourself, so you can keep up with your future clients and serve as a good role model. Find out why a private gym is a better place for getting in shape to become a trainer than a public facility.

Advanced Planning and Tracking

If you've got a schedule in mind for reaching your fitness goals before seeking certification, going to a private gym like Halevy Life will help you reach those goals on time or even faster due to the extra focus on planning and tracking your results. The intense atmosphere of a one-on-one relationship with an experienced personal trainer accelerates your results, but tracking the strength and conditioning of each major muscle group during each workout takes that acceleration one step further. Most private gyms differentiate themselves by including plenty of testing and performance tracking for each member, and there's no need to share your personal data with the rest of a workout group or class.

Personal Attention

Still completely new to the world of training for strength, endurance, health, or a more attractive body? Choosing a private gym with individual training sessions allows you to explore the differences between each type of exercise and how they differ in preparation for finding your own niche as a trainer. Aside from being able to try out different types of workouts with the guidance of a trainer who's only focusing on you, you'll also notice how personal attention helps with

  • Finding the fine line between pushing yourself to a new level and ending up injured
  • Communicating important limitations for your training due to health concerns or previous injuries
  • Reducing time spent waiting around for a specific piece of machinery or your trainer's undivided attention.

Private gyms specifically maintain limited membership numbers and schedule workouts for their members, ensuring you'll be able to spend your entire session with your trainer with no interruptions.

Private Environment

Feeling uncomfortable about your current fitness levels, body type, or how you look when you're in the middle of a weight lifting session? Choose a private gym with a focus on privacy to take advantage of empty gym floors and individual training rooms free from windows. There's no need to compare yourself to others or worry about their judgments, allowing you to stay focused on your workout with less internal dialogue. A private training environment also helps you feel comfortable asking dozens of specific questions so you can learn hands-on techniques you can use with your clients in the future.

Adaptive Training

In the usual gym environment, it's up to each personal trainer to upgrade their own personal techniques and knowledge levels by taking ongoing classes and new certifications. Since private gyms are smaller and more personally focused, they tend to set high standards for using the newest advancements for all trainers working at the gym. This means you'll be getting experience with the same techniques you should learn when you start your personal trainer education. Why get familiar with old-fashioned and outdated exercise information when you can learn the latest facts from the beginning?

Internships and Shadowing

Finally, you may be able to get an internship at the private gym after a few months or years of training when you reach the right level of fitness and familiarity with the gym's specific techniques. Even if you're taking separate classes towards your official trainer certification test, you earn invaluable hands-on experience during an internship by shadowing and helping experienced trainers. Being familiar with the gym by being a member first makes it easier to fit into the culture of the facility. Taking a few training sessions as a client is the best way to decide which gym is the best fit before you start an internship.