Signs That May Show That You Are Allergic To Cats

Posted on: 16 March 2017

If you have started to suspect that you may be allergic to cats, but you are not yet sure, you will want to learn more about the symptoms of allergies to cats. This way, should you find that you are exhibiting many of the signs, you will know that it is time to set up an appointment with an allergist. He or she will run tests to confirm your suspicion of an allergy to cats and will then teach about how to treat the problem.

Red Skin Where Contact Was Made

If a cat bit or scratched you and your skin becomes incredible red, inflamed, and possibly itchy, there is a good change that you have an allergy to cats, even if you are not exhibiting any other symptoms. However, the red inflamed skin can also appear even if the cat simply licks you. If you find that the symptom goes away long before you are able to see a doctor about it, you might want to take some pictures of it on your smart phone. This way, you can show the allergist the skin irritation once you do make it in for an appointment.

Itchy Eyes

If you have an allergy to cats, you might notice that your eyes will become extra watery and become itchy. While this can also be the sign of something else, if is occurring every time you are around a cat, it is safe to assume that the cat dander is causing it. This is why you may experience such problems if you are simply in a house that has a cat, even if the cat owner put the cat in another room before you arrived. There is usually enough cat danger on the furniture in order to cause someone with a cat allergy some trouble.

Problems Breathing 

Those who already have asthma problems may not immediately recognize the wheezing as a sign of a cat allergy, since that is something that can commonly occur to someone with breathing problems. However, should you find that the problem gets a lot worse for you when you are in a house with a cat or in close contact with someone that has recently held a cat, then you will want to speak to an allergist.

It is important to know that the symptoms of an allergy to cats can occur within minutes of coming in contact with the cat. Some symptoms can take several hours to appear so you will want to make note of all physical reactions you are having and when they appear. This information can prove to be helpful when it comes to your allergist diagnosing you and coming up with the best possible treatment plan.