3 Reasons To Wear Orthotics For Your High Arches

Posted on: 15 May 2017

If you are wondering why your arch burns and aches all the time, the problem may be the design of your arch. When you have a high arch, added pressure from your heels and toes while walking, running, or standing can cause the tendons to pull and tear. This leads to pain and inflammation in your arch and can be very irritating throughout your day. Wearing orthotics, or shoe inserts, can be very beneficial. Here are 3 reasons to wear them for your high arch problem.

They can be custom-fit

Your foot doctor, like Citrus Chiropractic Group, can prescribe a custom orthotic shoe insert for your specific arch problem. These inserts are often made of a molded silicone, plastic, or heavy-duty memory foam, depending on how much support you need. The custom fit allows you to have the support you need without digging into the base of your toes or heels, which provides for better comfort while giving your arches a break.

They can be worn almost anywhere

Orthotics are designed to be lightweight and discreet so you can wear them with almost any shoe. If you plan on wearing them with sandals or high heels, talk to your foot doctor about thinner alternatives to a medical orthotic that can provide better support for the balls of your feet as well as your arch, since these shoes often have little natural support for the foot. You should primarily wear supportive sneakers or boots with wide toe beds for the best foot health.

They can provide long-lasting relief

To get the most out of shoe inserts, it's best to wear them every day. If your arches only give you pain when you are working out or wearing certain shoes, then make sure you use your orthotics regularly during these times to give your feet the best relief. Orthotics help reduce inflammation in the feet, including the heel and arch, and wearing them often can reduce tendon and muscle tearing so your feet have time to heal even when you are on them much of the day.

Your foot pain should always be brought to the attention of your orthopedic doctor. Your doctor can diagnose whether arch pain is the sole reason for your discomfort or if another foot issue, such as tendonitis or hammertoes, is at fault. They can prescribe orthotics to help you find relief from your pain and discomfort along with physical therapy or other remedies to give you the best relief for your foot pain.