Buying Your Medical Supplies In Person Vs. Ordering What You Need Online

Posted on: 29 May 2017

There are a lot of people who don't mind going to medical supply stores to regularly pick up more batteries for their hearing aids, replacement blood sugar monitors, or even new walking canes. At the same time, there is likely an equal amount of people who would rather read about medical equipment product features and warranties online, then place their orders online. If you want to know which option for purchasing medical equipment is best, considering the pros and cons of in person purchases versus online ordering is necessary. Here's what you can expect when you get your medical supplies online versus in person sales.

Instant Access Vs. Mail Delivery

When you go to a store that sells medical equipment for the most part you will be leaving with what you came to purchase. Sometimes a specific type of supply or equipment may need to be ordered, restocked or shipped in from a supplier, but that will only happen in limited situations. By contrast, ordering your medical equipment online requires wait times that can vary from overnight to several weeks. If you are planning to purchase extra medical supplies like blood testing strips you may find benefit in simply doing your shopping online. In other cases, visiting a medical equipment store that has what you need immediately would likely be a better solution.

Online Discounts Vs. Store Sales On Medical Equipment

If you purchase medical equipment regularly via an online website you may become eligible for special discounts. Anything from free shipping to a discount on your order could be applicable, but these types of special offers vary by retailer. At medical supply stores you will also encounter sales on select items. If you frequent the same stores in person you will learn more about upcoming special offers and could potentially be added to a mailing list that will alert you of limited time offers.

Medical Equipment Returns And Warranties

Most medical equipment such as walkers come with manufacturer warranties. Whether you purchase your medical supplies and equipment online or at a store in your neighborhood, you are going to either need to contact the manufacturer or the company where you made your purchase. You might need to drive to your local medical equipment store or send your medical supplies back to your online supplier. As long as you know what the warranties requirements are before purchase you should have your warranty honored and either get your money back or a replacement item quickly.

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