Preparing For An Ultrasound

Posted on: 8 June 2017

Ultrasound is used by gynecologists as a valuable diagnostic tool when it comes to helping you maintain your reproductive health. Ultrasound technology allows your gynecologist to see into your body without having to physically open you up. Preparing for an ultrasound properly is important when it comes to the success and comfort of your procedure.

Here are three tips that you can keep in mind to help you properly prepare for your next ultrasound:

1. Determine which type of ultrasound you will be getting.

Many patients are surprised to discover that there are many different types of ultrasounds available. In order to properly prepare for your next ultrasound, you will need to discuss the type of ultrasound you will be receiving with your doctor.

If your doctor plans to complete a transabdominal ultrasound, then you will want to drink some water prior to your procedure and avoid using the restroom before your ultrasound. Having some liquid in your bladder helps to lift your intestines to provide a clearer view of your pelvic organs during the ultrasound.

If you will be receiving an intravaginal ultrasound, then your doctor will likely want your bladder to be empty in order to produce the highest quality images. Be sure to discuss the type of ultrasound your doctor will be using with your healthcare provider to help you better prepare for your procedure.

2. Wear separates to your appointment.

In order to successfully complete an ultrasound, you will be asked to remove all your clothing from the waist down. This allows your gynecologist to access your abdomen and vaginal regions to facilitate the generation of useful ultrasound images.

To ensure that you are able to easily remove any clothing that will get in the way of the ultrasound, you should plan to wear separates to your appointment. Wear a loose top that can be pulled up over your abdomen and pants and shoes that can easily be removed to reduce the amount of time and effort required to prepare for your ultrasound.

3. Bring along some baby wipes to aid in cleanup.

A specialized gel is used during ultrasounds, and this gel can leave behind a sticky residue once it has been removed. In order to ensure that you can easily put your clothes back on following your ultrasound without worrying about the transfer of gel residue, it can be helpful to bring along some baby wipes to your appointment.

Use the baby wipes to clean your abdomen or vaginal regions following an ultrasound, especially if you plan to return to work or school immediately after your appointment.

Determining when to use the restroom prior to your appointment, wearing separates to your doctor's office, and bringing some baby wipes to help with cleanup are all things that you can do to prepare yourself for a successful ultrasound procedure in the future.

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