How To Stimulate The Collagen In Your Skin

Posted on: 1 May 2018

The aging of you skin is the natural process of life. However, collagen is affected by this process. It is the protein found in your skin, muscles, bones, digestive system, blood vessels, and tendons. Your collagen and elastin starts to break down as you age and lose elasticity. This results in lines and wrinkles forming. Read on to find out how to stimulate collagen development in your skin.

Ask About Collagen Treatments

Collagen treatments are one of the ways to minimize the signs of aging. The treatment uses injections to put protein in your face. It can be used for scars, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet and sagging lips. Collagen treatments can also be used with other cosmetic procedures.

Choose An Area To Improve

Aging affects your appearance in different ways. Some women may want to make changes to their chest, chin, brow, and neck. For example, you may have problems with your cheekbones. Your cheekbones may seem a little lower or the skin may feel looser. It helps to ask your doctor about ultherapy to help kick start the collagen in your skin.

Ask About Ultherapy

Ultherapy is an outpatient procedure. It allows you to get a mini facelift without having surgery. This procedure gives you a natural appearance. It uses your body's resources to stimulate new elastic tissue and collagen.

You are given painkillers on the day of the procedure. To prepare, your doctor will cover your face with sonogram gel.

Ultherapy uses sonic waves from an Ulthera wand to create the heat. This heat awakens the collagen in your skin and encourages it to rebuild. The wand is pressed firmly against your forehead, cheeks, jaw, and neck. This results in your skin tightening. The procedure also lifts your skin and the underlying tissue.

Prepare To Feel Discomfort

You are going to feel the sensation of the sonic waves going into your skin. It is also going to feel hot. Your doctor also has to zap the device against your skin and press firmly. It can be a little startling at first and you may have to get use to the motions.

You should talk to your doctor during the consultation about what to expect. He or she will explain the treatment plan for your skin.

It is important to take care of your body from on the inside to the outside. You need to live a healthy lifestyle and cut out bad habits. However, if you want to maintain a youthful appearance, then you should talk to a doctor like those at Countryside Dermatology & Laser Center.