Did You Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals?

Posted on: 25 November 2020

If you've reached a plateau in your weight loss goals, your lifestyle could be the blame for it. Your current diet, workout plans, and other endeavors could sabotage your efforts to lose weight over time. If you rethink how you eat and exercise, you may be able to meet your weight loss goals and more. Below are some things that can sabotage your weight loss goals.

Your Meals Lack Diversity and Excitement

If your meals lack diversity, it could be one of the reasons you can't overcome your plateau. A well-balanced diet should be diverse and exciting enough to keep you interested in eating it. Unless your health requires you to eat a bland diet, you want to eat foods that contain fiber, protein, and other muscle-building and fat-burning nutrients.

Rather than focus on specific types of food during the day, try to include variations of these items. For example, it you only eat kale and spinach in your soups, sautees, and salads, try Swiss chard, asparagus, or green beans instead. Green beans contain fiber, protein, and numerous other healthy nutrients. Protein, in particular, builds strong muscle tissue and promotes strength. 

If you struggle to make your meals more diverse, consult a weight loss service provider or doctor. A weight loss doctor can design meals for you that not only appeal to your taste buds, but also help you lose body fat and increase muscle growth.

In addition, a physician can examine your exercise needs to see if you're currently doing the right things to lose weight.

Your Exercise Plan Doesn't Motivate You

One of the key components to losing weight is exercise. However, you must choose exercises that not only improve your chances of losing weight now, but also motivate you to keep doing so later. If your exercise plan doesn't motivate you to work out on a regular basis because it lacks diversity, you want to change it to something that does interest you.

A weight loss doctor or provider can create different workout plans for you. The exercise plans should feature various:

  • cardiovascular exercises to help you burn carbohydrates, calories, and fat
  • strength training exercises that target, tone, and tighten the muscles in your body
  • stretch training to lengthen and loosen the muscles and joints in your body
  • yoga exercises to clear your mind and help you maintain focus

Each type of exercise above targets things that hinder weight loss, such as tight or weak muscles. For instance, stretching encourages your muscles to grow and regenerate over time. Your body will gradually appear longer, thinner, and more streamlined as a result.

A doctor may also create a daily planner or calendar for you. The calendar allows a doctor to plan out your exercises. For example, you may do aerobics on Monday and weight training on Wednesday or Friday. You may do a combination of exercises on specific days of the week. You want to maximize your weight loss goals as much as possible.

Finally, a weight loss provider may use surgery to help you lose weight. Some adults struggle to lose weight because they can't eat enough food to keep them satisfied during the day. The individuals may feel hungry, even after they eat a full meal. The issue may be due to having a larger stomach or a stalled digestive system. Some types of weight loss procedures allow doctors to shrink or decrease the size of your stomach so that you can't overeat during the day.

If you think your efforts are sabotaging your weight loss efforts, contact a weight loss doctor or provider today for assistance.