About Your First Visit To The Male Urologist

Posted on: 27 January 2022

A male urologist is a specialist whose scope of practice revolves around the male urinary tract, as well as the reproductive system. They diagnose and treat things like bladder, kidney, and adrenal gland issues, fertility problems, and more. Sexual health, such as erectile dysfunction and reproduction concerns are a couple of common reasons why men go to a urologist. If you are going to be seeing a urologist for the first time, then you will want to know what you can expect during your visit. 

You will likely need to give a urine sample

You will more than likely need to give a urine sample when you visit the urologist for the first time. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water before your appointment. When you get to the office, let them know you have to use the restroom if you can't hold it, so they will give you the container to go in. Otherwise, you may not be able to go again if you use the restroom yourself when you get there. 

You will have to give them your medical history

When you go to the urologist for the first time, they are going to want your medical history. It can be overwhelming to recall everything, especially if you have several medical conditions. You will also be asked to give applicable information on your close relatives. You will also need to give them a list of all the medications you are currently taking. You can help things go much easier if you write everything down as it comes to you in the weeks preceding your visit. This way, you don't end up leaving out some important facts because you are anxious. 

You will be examined

The medical assistant will take your vitals, then they will provide you with a gown and instruct you to get changed into it. The urologist will give you a physical exam. They will listen to your heart and lungs, but the majority of the exam will focus around your genitourinary system. Also, you want to be prepared for the prostate exam, which is unpleasant, but a very important exam for a man to have. 

You will be treated

Depending on the reason for your visit, as well as the urologist's findings, they will discuss a treatment plan with you. The treatment depends on the issues you have. If no issues are found, then you will be given a clean bill of health and sent on your way. If an issue is found, then they may give you a prescription for medication, as well as order more tests. 


Now that you know more about what you can expect, you may feel a little more prepared for your initial visit to the urologist.