3 Benefits Of Knee Pain Stem Cell Therapy

Posted on: 11 October 2022

If you have persistent knee pain from arthritis or post-injury degeneration, then you might find it hard to get relief. Your pain might be hard to manage, and your mobility might be impaired. The treatments you've had so far might not have helped you recover fast.

Some patients with long-term knee pain benefit from stem cell treatments. These treatments harvest stem cells from your own body or from a donor and inject them into the knee. The cells can then work to improve your condition.

What are the advantages of having stem cell therapy on your knees?

1. Reduce Current Pain

When you inject stem cells into your knee, you should get a fast pain-relief boost. Once the new stem cells are in place, they help your body to heal and to repair areas of damage.

For example, stem cells are thought to reduce inflammation. They stimulate the growth of anti-inflammatory proteins in the body.

So, if some or all of your knee pain is caused by inflammation, then you should notice that the inflammation, and its associated pain, goes down after a stem cell injection. Your knees will feel more comfortable, and you might also get some mobility back.

2. Slow Down Damage

If you have a long-term knee problem, then it might get worse over time. For example, once cartilage is damaged, the damage can progress. It won't necessarily stay at the same level all the time.

Some doctors find that stem cell treatments can arrest damage to some areas of the knee and prevent it from getting worse. For example, the proteins in these cells can slow down degeneration.

Plus, their anti-inflammatory properties are also useful here. Inflammation can cause further damage to tissues and joints in itself. Stem cell therapies can reduce swelling and the stress it puts on the inside of knee joints.

3. Promote Healing

Some patients find that knee pain stem cell therapy also helps their knees heal. These cells have some regenerative effects for some people.

Stem cells change their characteristics, depending on their location in your body. They also automatically replicate themselves once they are in place.

So, when you have an injection, you create new growth opportunities in damaged or painful areas. Your injected cells will take on the characteristics of cells you might have lost in your knees. They might then help your knees heal by increasing cellular growth in the area.

To learn more, contact your doctor and ask if you are a suitable candidate for knee pain stem cell treatment.