Assumptions To Avoid About Dental Implant Procedures

Posted on: 21 December 2022

Regardless of the reason that a patient has lost a tooth, this can be a troubling problem for them to develop as it can instantly compromise the look of their smile. If you have found yourself suffering the loss of a tooth, the use of dental implants can be one solution that may be able to restore your smile to its original condition. 

Assumption: Dental Implants Only Correct Cosmetic Issues

A primary goal for a patient that is getting dental implants may be to correct the cosmetic issues that they have developed. However, this is not the only potential issue that might have to be corrected with the use of dental implants. This procedure can also be useful for avoiding the functional issues that a missing tooth may be able to create. One example of this could be difficulties with biting, speaking, or even chewing. Also, it is possible for a missing tooth to contribute to the jawbone starting to deteriorate. As this occurs, additional tooth loss may become a possibility.

Assumption: Any Patient Can Undergo The Dental Implant Procedure

Unfortunately, individuals need to be aware that there are minimum standards that they will have to meet to be a suitable candidate for undergoing a dental implant procedure. In addition to a person being in good overall health, they will also need to make sure that they have healthy gums and jawbone tissue. The presence of gum disease can be a significant inhibiting factor for a person that is needing an implant procedure because it can weaken the jawbone while also making the prospects of an infection substantially higher. When a patient is suffering from these issues, they will have to be treated before they will be able to undergo the dental implant procedure, which can add a significant delay. However, it will be essential for allowing optimal results to be achieved.

Assumption: A Dental Implant Procedure Will Involve Numerous Painful Procedures

Concerns about the discomfort that may be felt during the placement of the dental implants can be another issue that may impact a person's decisions about this process. In particular, it is often the case that individuals could greatly overestimate the amount of discomfort that they will experience. While it is true that a dental implant procedure will require multiple sessions, the actual placement of the implant will be the only procedure that will typically cause discomfort. When undergoing this procedure, a patient may experience mild discomfort that can be easily managed with medications and anesthetics.

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