From Glasses To Contact Lenses – When Should Your Child Make The Switch?

Posted on: 3 June 2015

If you have a child who wears glasses, chances are either you or your child has considered what it would be like to wear contact lenses instead. But how do you know when your child is old enough? It's not just a question of handling the responsibilities that come with contact lenses, but there's the question of the eye's maturity, as well. Some common concerns about kids and contacts are addressed below to help you make the most informed decision – with your child.
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Make And Use Your Own Deep Tissue Ball Massager For Back Pain

Posted on: 26 May 2015

If you experience discomfort in your lower back, then deep tissue massage can be useful in relieving the pain. You can assemble a simple wooden back massager from wood and an ordinary racquetball; it will provide a controlled, self-guided massage that is safe and easy to use. Below is what you need to know about making and using your own homemade ball massager: Materials needed for the ball massager 3/4-inch birch plywood sheet – half sheet (24x48 inches) 1x2 hardwood board -  5-foot length Woodworking clamps Wood glue Sandpaper sheets in 200 and 100 grit sizes Tack cloth Circular saw Stain Racquetball Square Pencil Measuring tape Assembling the ball massager
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3 Ways Midwives Can Help You Through Pregnancy And Delivery

Posted on: 3 October 2014

Decisions involved with pregnancy can be overwhelming. In addition to finding new clothes that work with your ever-changing body and decorating your nursery, you also have to choose a medical provider. Here are three ways that midwives can help you through your pregnancy and delivery, and why they might be the right choice for you. 1: Midwives Have Time to Talk When it comes right down to it, pregnancy can be scary.
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